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Through their Voices… Through the Years – Thought Papers of UPOU Chancellors


About the Book The book chronicles UPOU’s journey by providing glimpses of how the fledgling institutions interpreted the educational environs and addressed the issues and challenges of the times through the years. The discourses are grouped according to the administrative terms of UPOU Chancellors roughly coinciding with the growth phases of the institution. Each phase is introduced by a bio note that candidly introduces the person behind the speeches; each Chancellor’s inaugural or investiture speech is likewise presented as a first peek into the leader’s thoughts as to how one intended to arrive at a desired institutional state of [...]

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AGCOM-DEVCOM CROSSOVER A Participant-Observer’s Journey


About the Book The book, AGCOM-DEVCOM Crossover, is a narrative of one who participated in the practice of both agricultural communications and development communication at a time when these catch phrases among social science professionals, academics, graduate students, and practitioners. It offers what is believed to be patches of accurate historical events in the growth and development of the disciplines of agricultural communications and development communications. Ten box articles in the book reflect the thinking patterns of the author resulting from the changing concepts and concerns in the field of communication and development in the Third World. These were [...]

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From Centers to Hub: Reconceptualizing UPOU Learning Centers


About the Book Like most open universities, the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU), established in 1995 adopted an organizational set up that addresses student support services. This is through a defined network of Learning Centers to deliver its services. Hence, in its 20 years of existence, UPOU maintained a geographically-based system of Learning Centers in the country; and recently set up a unique Learning Center that caters to its offshore students. With changes in UPOU’s philosophical and paradigmatic stance along with its structural and operational adaptations, the Learning Centers, as both academic and administrative support units, also [...]

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Assessment Praxis in Open and Distance e-Learning: Thoughts and Practices in UPOU


About the Book Assessment, in its various forms, is a vital component of learning that aids not only in students’ learning but also in monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of academic programs and institutional policies and practices. The complexity of an assessment system could be reflected in terms of product, process, and personnel embodied in a functional view of assessment often expressed as assessment of learning (AoL), assessment for learning (AfL), and assessment as learning (AaL). This volume gives a glimpse of how a community of 21st century educators, immersed in open and distance elearning (ODeL), engage thought and [...]

Assessment Praxis in Open and Distance e-Learning: Thoughts and Practices in UPOU2020-01-10T05:59:03+00:00

Institutionalizing Gender Perspective in Research: Reflexivity as an Alternative


Research Conversations featured Institutionalizing Gender Perspective in Research: Reflexivity as an Alternative, a study by Dr. Primo Garcia, Luisa Gelisan and Paula Muyco. The talk covered legal instruments to further strengthen gender and development (GAD) efforts such as Former President Fidel V. Ramos’ Memo Order 282 indicating that the academe must mainstream gender in its practices and/or to incorporate GAD issues in its programs and CHED’s Memo Order No. 01 stating that all private and public higher education institutions to mainstream gender in research, administration, extension, and curriculum. In response to this, UPOU has institutionalized the Gender-focused Research Grants which [...]

Institutionalizing Gender Perspective in Research: Reflexivity as an Alternative2020-01-10T07:15:57+00:00

Conversations on Openness: An Engagement in Discourse Capture


About the Book Conversations on Openness: An Engagement in Discourse Capture encapsulated the UPOU community’s dominant narrative on openness in its pre-MOOC phase. As early as 2012, the institution engaged in discussions on open curricula, open educational resources, open access, open admissions and other dimensions of openness in efforts to provide academic leadership in open and distance learning in the Philippines. The chapter in this volume introduced the discourse capture format which is premised on the assumptions of collective knowledge production. It follows a four-part format consisting of Context, Narrative, Conversation, and Synthesis. The first and last chapters presented [...]

Conversations on Openness: An Engagement in Discourse Capture2020-01-10T05:44:25+00:00

A Conversation on Interdisciplinary Studies


Research Conversations featured Dr. Don Passey, Visiting Professor from Lancaster University, and Dr. Diego Maranan, Assistant Professor from the Faculty of Information and Communication Studies at UP Open University, in A Conversation on Interdisciplinary Studies last 23 February 2018. On one hand, Dr. Passey talked about concepts on and forms of interdisciplinarity and gave examples of interdisciplinary research based on his experience in the field. On the other, Dr. Maranan also shared his experience during his doctorate in CogNovo where the focus is on transdisciplinarity studies in arts, humanities, sciences, and technology.

A Conversation on Interdisciplinary Studies2020-01-10T03:51:05+00:00
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