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Flagship Program: PLAZA


To contextualize the program, Dr. Serrano discussed the roots of plaza as an intentionally-built, multipurpose, open space that is accessible to the public as a center for interaction. From the Greeks’ agora and the Romans’ forum, plaza have been understood as a public place for gathering; athletic, artistic, and spiritual pursuits; and processions, elections, and gladiatorial matches. In the Philippines, plazas are likewise centers for public activities such as sports, local trade and the like. [IMAGE] Dr. Joane Serrano discussing and facilitating conversation on Flagship Program: PLAZA In this regard, Flagship Program: PLAZA is a venue for interaction between and [...]

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Publication: An Editor’s Perspective


A special Research Conversations was held last 12 February 2018 featuring Dr. Don Passey, FEd’s Visiting Professor from Lancaster University, United Kingdom at UPOU’s AVR where he talked about Publication: an Editor’s Perspective. Dr. Melinda Lumanta opened the conversation with sharing what Research Conversations is. Research Conversations is OVCAA’s initiative that serves as a “venue for [UPOU faculty and staff] to come together in a very relaxed atmosphere to talk about research interests”. It happens every Friday at the Sandbox, CCDL. The idea behind holding Research Conversations at the Sandbox came from the image of children playing in a sandbox, [...]

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OVCAA kicks-off Research Conversations for 2018


The UP Open University (UPOU) Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA) kicked off Research Conversations 2018 on 26 January at the Sandbox, CCDL, UPOU Headquarters, Los Banos, Laguna. Dr. Melinda Lumanta, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, opened the conversation by re-emphasizing Research Conversations’ intentions and purpose. As an equivalent to the scientific community’s research laboratories, Research Conversations is OVCAA’s initiative in upholding a participatory quality research culture in the university. Dr. Lumanta also introduced OVCAA’s next publication project that discusses teaching models in open and distance eLearning (ODeL), opening the invitation to UPOU faculty members that teach [...]

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Research Conversations' featured speaker for the InnovaTE Flagship Program is Dr. Sheila R Bonito. InnovaTE promotes the adoption and/or adaption of innovative technology-supported teaching methodologies in support of effective learning. Its performance indicators were enumerated as such: (1) innovative technology-supported teaching methodologies; (2) enhanced capacity in effective online teaching among the faculty; and (3) reduced attrition and improved graduation rates among students. Its initial components consist of: (1) online teaching toolkit available in the Faculty Portal website; (2) faculty seminar-workshop/webinar series; (3) online teaching skills certification program; and (4) FIC and Tutor Congress. Dr. Sheila expounded on the Faculty Portal [...]


HAPLOS: Vibrating Clothing for Well-being


In his talk, Dr. Diego Maranan discussed his PhD research which draws from philosophy, somatic practices, neuroscience, and technology design, and culminated in the creation of a device for facilitating body awareness. The device—called Haplós—is a novel, wearable, programmable, remotely controlled technology using vibrating motors that Diego developed as part of his research at CogNovo, a 4.1 million EU-funded project at Plymouth University, UK, that focused on interdisciplinary research on creativity and cognition. Dr. Diego opened the talk by asking the question: Do you know yourself?, pertaining to our knowledge of our bodies as physical parts of ourselves as opposed [...]

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Professor Rita Ramos (FMDS) was the keynote speaker for the Research Conversation on the Flagship Program: TAYO (Team Approach and Youthful Outlook for UPOU), UPOU’s health and wellness program that aims to provide and/or establish healthy work spaces for a healthier work force. She started the talk with sharing an integral part of the TAYO program, UPOU’s existing (volleyball, basketball, pilates, dance, photography) and upcoming clubs. These clubs help with fitness, relaxation, and socialization – conditions theoretically ideal for increased work productivity. She also gave a preview of ergonomics and how inviting an expert can be beneficial to the university’s [...]


Mission RA 10650


Dean Primo G. Garcia led the research conversation with the topic on Mission R.A 10650 last 16 June at the Sandbox, CCDL, UPOU. The session started with a brief introduction on the role of the UP Open University in fulfilling its mandate as the premiere open university in the field of distance and e-learning in the country through the Republic Act 10650 or also known as Open and Distance Learning Law such as providing technical assistance in curricula development for open and distance learning (ODL) program, share innovative ideas and research for other ODL institutions. Moreover, UPOU’s share in the [...]

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Dr. Ricardo T. Bagarinao, Dean of the UP Open University Faculty of Education, conducted a talk on the CARe-UPOU flagship program of the University on 3 March 2017. The guiding principles and possible researchable areas under CARe-UPOU were the main topics of the conversation. CARe-UPOU, which stands for “Climate Adaptive and Resilient UPOU”, is considered as a critical program for the University mainly because of the fact that UPOU’s operations are hugely dependent on online systems. With the Internet being vulnerable to climate-related events and other natural disasters, it is imperative for the University to ensure Internet resilience to maintain [...]




Chancellor Melinda dP. Bandalaria conducted a talk on the QAlidad flagship program of the UP Open University. Faculty and staff attended the event on the guiding principles and researchable areas that cover the goals of QAlidad. The event was held at the Sandbox on 27 January 2017. As the leading open and distance e-learning (ODeL) institution in the Philippines, it is imperative for the UP Open University to ensure and uphold quality standards in terms of instruction, research, public service, and administration. Hence, QAlidad has been deemed as the overarching flagship program that should permeate all the activities of the [...]




Research Conversations kicked off the year 2017 with the discussion of Saliksik, one of the flagship programs of UP Open University. Dr. Melinda F. Lumanta, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, served as the lead discussant of the conversation. She detailed how the Saliksik team plans to improve the University’s research productivity and impact as well as provide significant contribution to research and innovation in priority social development fields by the year 2019. Saliksik has laid out four strategic goals which all aim to provide support to faculty members and researchers in producing quality research. These are the: ODeL State of [...]

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