UPOU Linkages

The OVCAA, through its Linkages Section, provides support in identifying and exploring areas of cooperation and linkages with local and international institutions in the following areas: student and faculty exchange, joint research, network participation, sharing of educational resources, and other international academic and research activities.

UP System Programs on Linkages


UP System Guidelines on Linkages


Exploratory Meetings

The UPOUL welcomes requests for meetings exploring agreements, activities, networks, and etc. Parties/individuals involved are encouraged to follow these guidelines office for exploratory meetings:

(1) Letters of requests for exploratory meetings must be submitted to the UPOU Chancellor and cascaded to appropriate channels.

(2) Meeting with involved parties will be organized by the OVCAA Linkages Section, which usually covers these parts:

  • Greetings/Introductions;
  • Presentations; and
  • Discussion on next steps.

(3) The post-meeting phase includes emailing the participants with requested documents or links of documents/websites.

For further inquiries, kindly contact the staff-in-charge according to the following regions through email at [email protected].



(1) A partnership request should be sent to the OVCAA Linkages Section with the following attachments:

  • Updated profile of the institution (including its state recognition)
  • Areas of partnership
    • Exchange of faculty
    • Visiting faculty/researcher
    • Exchange of students
    • Conduct of collaborative research and creative projects
    • Conduct of lectures, trainings, and symposia
    • Exchange of academic information and materials
    • Course materials development
  • Roles of the partner institutions and/or deliverables

(2) The standard background investigation is initially conducted before proceeding with an agreement/partnership with a requesting institution.

(3) Provisions of the agreement are negotiated by both parties. Once drafted, the agreement will be submitted to the UPOU Office of Legal Affairs and other concerned UPOU offices/units for review.

(4) Once finalized, signing of the agreement with the partner institution will be processed. Execution copies will be submitted to the UPOU Chancellor for signature.

(5) A signed execution copy will be sent to the partner institution(s) via post mail.

For Future Partnerships

Center for Open and Digital Learning

Immersive Open Pedagogies Research Program

University Library

Office of Student Affairs

Ms Margaret Jarmin-Suarez

PDA for Linkages (Institutional Linkages Officer) 

Email: [email protected]