The UPOU QA Committee takes primary responsibility in ensuring the academic quality of UPOU’s processes, procedures, and standards. The committee is in charge of facilitating and guiding the academic units in the alignment of programs with institutional mandate, strategic thrusts, learning outcomes, and standards and developing a process for systematic and assessment of data for continuous improvement of and innovation in the program, office or unit through the conduct of various QA activities such as capacity building, benchmarking, and data collection.


As an essential component of quality assurance (QA), benchmarking enables UPOU to observe and check its performance relative to other higher education institution peers and therefore, serves as a basis in improving its processes and operations. In the UP System, benchmarking can be done at the organizational, course, process, outcomes, and best practices level. Learn more about the UP System Benchmarking Guidelines.

Capacity Building

To develop a quality culture and provide a greater understanding of quality in open and distance education, UPOU continues to conduct QA training/workshops/seminars to its internal stakeholders and external partners.

Data Collection

All UPOU QA initiatives and ongoing activities (e.g. assessment, benchmarking) requires collection of data that encompass all university operations. The data collection efforts, involving various stakeholders, are mapped towards developing a system for reporting and use of data for QA and international rankings and contributions to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).