About the Book

Like most open universities, the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU), established in 1995 adopted an organizational set up that addresses student support services. This is through a defined network of Learning Centers to deliver its services. Hence, in its 20 years of existence, UPOU maintained a geographically-based system of Learning Centers in the country; and recently set up a unique Learning Center that caters to its offshore students. With changes in UPOU’s philosophical and paradigmatic stance along with its structural and operational adaptations, the Learning Centers, as both academic and administrative support units, also evolved through the years.

This volume captures the collective experience of the Learning Centers as seen through the lenses of its Coordinators. The Learning Center, being an integral institutional link between the University and its distance learners, is considered as an all-important academic and administrative unit of UPOU in the delivery of quality education. With the end in view of continuously assessing their ever-evolving education, it is hoped that this compilation of narratives becomes a starting point for reflection towards reconceptualization of UPOU’s Learning Center set up.

The UPOU experience is revealed through first-person accounts of the current Learning Center Coordinators as they talk about their lived experiences in their assigned Learning Center and as they tackle shared issues that define UPOU’s Learning Center system. A historical perspective introduces the individual narratives and a culminating chapter presents a collective vision towards reconceptualizing the Learning Center concept from Centers to Hubs.