About the Book

Assessment, in its various forms, is a vital component of learning that aids not only in students’ learning but also in monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of academic programs and institutional policies and practices. The complexity of an assessment system could be reflected in terms of product, process, and personnel embodied in a functional view of assessment often expressed as assessment of learning (AoL), assessment for learning (AfL), and assessment as learning (AaL).

This volume gives a glimpse of how a community of 21st century educators, immersed in open and distance elearning (ODeL), engage thought and practice to produce a unified and constantly adapting system of assessment in varied forms and functions carried out at different levels. Specifically , it captures the assessment praxis of the UP Open University as gleaned from existing practices as well as from thought papers of its faculty, researchers, and academic and administrative leaders.

Praxis, as differentiated from practice, is the dynamic interplay between thought and action involving a continuous process of understanding, interpretation, and application. In hopes of elucidating this, we organised the chapters of this book into thoughts, practices, and institutional responses informed by the ODeL framework. These were wrapped up by a culminating chapter wherein a multi-level and multi-functional perspective of assessment is proposed. In varying ways and emphases, the articles in this book articulates the need to address the realities of 21st century teaching and learning where assessment plays an important role.