About the Book

The book, AGCOM-DEVCOM Crossover, is a narrative of one who participated in the practice of both agricultural communications and development communication at a time when these catch phrases among social science professionals, academics, graduate students, and practitioners. It offers what is believed to be patches of accurate historical events in the growth and development of the disciplines of agricultural communications and development communications.

Ten box articles in the book reflect the thinking patterns of the author resulting from the changing concepts and concerns in the field of communication and development in the Third World. These were carefully selected from a series of papers written by the author in response to specific concerns and audiences over time.

The book intends to provide at least one historical account of agricultural and development communication as developed and practiced in Los Baños, Laguna, not only for UP Open University development communication students but also for other students from other universities in the Philippines, and possibly from other countries. It aims to offer some understanding of the nuances of the field of agricultural and development communication from the point of view of academe and practice.